Biennial Conference


More then 100+ Professionals


Cluster of Skilled Speakers

Conference Introduction

The conference is designed to provide education and professional development opportunities for a broad range of healthcare professionals involved in the care and treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. These professionals include cardiac surgeons, thoracic surgeons, cardiologists, vascular surgeons, internists, family practice physicians, anesthesiologists, cardiac nurses, perfusionist, physician's assistants, and residents. The conference may cover topics related to the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment, and management of cardiovascular diseases, as well as best practices in patient care and outcomes.

Key Note Speakers

Dr. Mustafa Guden

Cardiovascular Surgery Department Medipol Mega University Hospital

Dr. Gebrine El Khoury

Head of the Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

Consultant Cardiac Surgery, Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bangalore

Dr. Zubair Luqman

Consultant Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Sciences Manitoba, St. Boniface Hospital

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Faculty @ Peshawar Institute of Cardiology

Conference Committees

  • Prof. Muhammad Rehman
  • Prof. Syed Shahkar Ahmed Shah
  • Prof. Azam Jan
Oragnizing Committee:
  • Prof. Syed Shahkar Ahmed Shah (Chair)
  • Prof. Riaz Anwar
  • Prof. Abdul Malik
  • Prof. Azam Jan
  • Dr. Abid Ullah
  • Dr. Kashif Anwar
  • Prof. Aamir Bilal
  • Prof. Niaz Ali
  • Dr. Abdul Nasir
  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq
  • Mr. Qazi Saad Ullah
Scientific Committee:
  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq (Chair)
  • Prof. Azam Jan
  • Dr. Abdul Nasir
  • Dr. Shahana Raza
  • Dr. Tariq Babar
  • Dr. Mohammad Waleed
  • Prof. Aamir Bilal
  • Dr. Kashif Anwar
  • Dr. Mumtaz Anwar
  • Dr. Ali Raza
Registration & Reception Committee:
  • Dr. Kashif Anwar (Chair)
  • Dr. Kifayat Ullah
  • Dr. Yasir Naseem
  • Dr. Nasir Islam Khattak
  • Dr. Hira Hameed
  • Dr. Bilal Mehsud
  • Dr. Shahana Raza
  • Dr. Imran Khalil
  • Dr. Baha-ud-Din
Finance Committee:
  • Mr. Kashif Zaman (Chair)
  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq
  • Dr. Abdul Nasir
  • Dr. Asim Shah
  • Prof. Syed Shahkar Ahmed
  • Dr. Ali Raza
  • Dr. Shahzeb
  • Dr. Gibran
Publication and Printing:
  • Dr. Abdul Nasir (Chair)
  • Dr. Rafiullah
  • Dr. Kashif Anwar
  • Dr. Tahir
  • Mr. Hisham Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq
  • Dr. Mohammad Waleed
  • Dr. Waqar Masood
  • Mr. Murtaza Ahmed
  • Ms. Riffat Anjum
Transport & Entertainment Committee:
  • Mr. Qazi Saad Ullah (Chair)
  • Dr. Yasir Bilal
  • Mr. Murtaza Ahmed
  • Mr. Midrar Shah
  • Mr. Hisham Khan
  • Ms. Riffat Anjum
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